Northbrook, IL — August 31, 2012UL is notifying distributors, fire departments, regulatory agencies and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) that the Aquaplus Single-Jacketed Fire Hose identified below, bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States.  This fire hose has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if it complies with UL safety requirements.

Name of Product: Aquaplus Fire Hose Model APH-65-ORU.

Manufacturer: Unknown

Identification: On the product: The  fire hose can be identified by the following markings:

 “ EX15106 Aquaplus Fire Hose Model APH-65-ORU Service Tested 175 PSI 65 MM X 30 MM 12/08″.

Photographs of the product with counterfeit UL Mark: