NOTE: This information is from a previously printed press release, newsletter, or other dated document. It is presented here for archival purposes only.

NORTHBROOK, Ill., July 1, 2008 — Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying consumers and retailers that certain sports-themed desk lamps identified below bear a counterfeit UL Mark for the United States and Canada. These desk lamps have not been evaluated for safety by UL.

Name of Product: Desk Lamp, model NHL-XXX-503. NOTE: XXX represents a combination of three letters, such as "LHN."

Units: Unknown quantity

Manufacturer: Unknown

Date of Manufacture: Unknown

Identification: The counterfeit desk lamps reference the product as a "Cord Set." Those authorized to bear the UL Mark reference the product as a "Portable Luminaire."

Identification: On the Product: The counterfeit lamps have a holographic label with the UL Mark for the United States and Canada on the base. The label includes the following information:

Identification: On the Packaging: The packaging includes the following information:

Where Sold: The products are known to have been sold online by The Memory Company.

What You Should Do: UL recommends consumers stop using these products immediately and return them to the place of purchase.