NORTHBROOK, Ill., January 5, 2009 — Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in product testing and safety certification, today announced a new global structure designed to further enable growth and the advancement of its public safety message worldwide. As part of this effort, UL has aligned the organization into five operating units reporting directly to UL CEO Keith Williams.

The five operating units are: Product Safety, UL University, Environmental Services, Life and Health Sciences, and Verification Services.

"Underwriters Laboratories posted strong growth in 2008," said Keith Williams, CEO Underwriters Laboratories. "By aligning our business under these operating units, we intend to focus on strategic areas for growth and further drive our public safety mission globally."

The refined structure will support the increasingly global nature of business by advancing UL’s public safety mission in new markets and industries, as well as provide greater global market access to customers.

Product Safety — Charlie Abounader is named President, UL Product Safety Business. This division encompasses UL’s traditional testing and certification business. Public safety is at the forefront of everything UL does, and in the global marketplace, UL will continue to help manufacturers bring safer products to market faster, and serve as a one-stop shop resource for manufacturers who do business globally.

UL University (ULU) — Patrick Boyle is named President, UL University. ULU offers education, training and technical expertise on the entire spectrum of product safety, from building safer products and safety certification systems to installation codes and inspection requirements. Through a combination of online training, books, safety videos, live web-delivered programs and facilitated workshops, ULU offers practical training customized to fit the needs of the safety community. Thousands of customers globally take advantage of ULU safety standards training in areas such as Hazard Based Safety Engineering, medical devices, medical software, industrial control panels, plastics, and fire safety.

UL Environment — Steve Wenc is named President, UL Environment Services Business and will lead UL’s development in a growing market segment with the newly formed Environment Services Business. Steve and the Environmental Business will have its home base in Europe. UL’s Environment Services Business will provide environmental claims validation and certification to help guide industries, government and consumers with sustainability and environmental product-related decisions. The new operating unit was created in response to the increase in demand for environmentally sound products and will help the public make sense of "green" claims while helping manufacturers by maintaining a transparent marketplace.

Life and Health Sciences (L&HS) — UL’s L&HS business comprises UL’s existing medical, water and food business units. As global demand for health services and safe food and water increases, this global business will increase its presence in both developed and developing economies. UL will continue to expand and serve these areas while meeting the growing need for third party verification of products that are essential to everyday life. A business unit President will be named soon.

Verification Services — Sajeev Jesudas is named President, Verification Services Business and will lead this new business designed to further serve UL’s customers by providing performance testing, inspection and auditing on a global basis. UL’s Verification Services business will provide UL’s manufacturing customers with assurance that the products they source through their supply chain meet the performance requirements of the buyers/OEMs/retailers. This new operating unit will be headquartered in Asia.