FRANKLIN, Tenn., June 04, 2012:  UL PureSafety (, the industry’s leading provider of workplace health and safety software solutions, has unveiled the latest release of its PureSafety Learning and Safety Management System (LSMS). The new platform helps companies improve their safety cultures, reduce incidents and improve productivity by creating learning moments from the organizations’ real-world operations.

A first-of-its-kind tool, UL’s PureSafety LSMS allows users to learn from their companies’ incidents, observations and near-misses and then create targeted initiatives to control risks and prevent reoccurrences. By memorializing events, users can quickly communicate safety issues to employees and retain company history for future use in training curriculum.

"Statistics show a direct correlation between employee education and a safe, healthy workforce," said Bill Grana, head of UL PureSafety and vice president of the UL Knowledge Services business unit. "Throughout our history, we’ve worked toward blending real-world experiences with powerful safety capabilities to create richer learning opportunities. Our new LSMS release, which is already known as the most comprehensive learning and safety platform available, will change the way the market thinks about learning and safety management. Training is a deep part of our history and heritage.  More tightly integrating safety management and training is a logical step for our company and an important innovation for the entire industry."

The latest version of UL PureSafety’s LSMS auto-populates information from real-world incidents, observations and near misses into "in-the-moment" newsflashes and can be incorporated directly into training sessions. Furthermore, capturing and documenting these scenarios builds a robust library of training documents that help to preserve institutional knowledge.

"The new PureSafety LSMS unites PureSafety’s legacy as a leader in e-learning and safety with our future as part of UL and allows us to share our vision of workplace health and safety," added Grana. "This new release is another significant stride toward combining learning and safety in a way that allows users to realize greater value than with traditional LMS or incident management systems."

The system’s new features compile metrics that are a barometer of a company’s health and safety initiatives, such as improved analytics, extensive configurability to capture industry or company-specific data, and detailed reports that support blended learning models. Other new features include "moment-of-need" learning tools that allow mobile devices to scan QR codes for on-the-spot safety refreshers. Completed training, reported incidents and other indicators empower users to spot high-risk areas before they become an issue and identify weak areas in reporting, which can then be corrected for even better data and safety in the future.

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