Shanghai, China – On July 24, 2017, the opening ceremony of Shanghai training center of ICAO/FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Program was launched in Shanghai.
The training program is a good example of the joint efforts made by UL Supply Chain and Sustainability, China International Freight Forwarders Association and Beijing JMCONZ Transportation Consulting Co. Ltd., it’s the first official authorized training program by ICAO and FIATA in China on dangerous goods/dangerous chemicals.
The training course will be organized regularly in UL Shanghai office in the future, the cooperation partners will provide excellent teachers with experience and professional qualifications, and committed provide help to dangerous good/ dangerous chemical related manufacturers, airlines, shippers, freight forwarders and airports.

Honored guests who participated in the opening ceremony including:

Mr. Linhai Li, Secretary General, Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Association
Dr.Dupeng Wang, Director, China international Freight Forwarders Association Dangerous Goods Committee
Mr.Junhui You, Vice-General Manager, UL-CCIC Co.,Ltd
Mr. Erik Shao, Regulatory Affairs Manager, UL Standard and Technology Services Co.,Ltd
Ms.Qun Huang, General Manager, Beijing JMCONZ Transportation Consulting Co.,Ltd
Mr.Junhong Chen, General Manager Assistant, Shanghai Pilotrans International Logistics Co.,Ltd

As one of the initiators of this joint-training program, Mr. Erik Shao hosted the ceremony.
Mr. Junhui You delivered a welcome speech on behalf of UL. He mentioned that UL has started the Chemical compliance business for more than 30 years, having a professional service team consists of specialists all around the world, it provides high quality services to many customers. Cooperation with ICAO/FIATA will help enterprises further strengthen the awareness and education of dangerous goods and dangerous chemicals, work for a safer world together.
Mr. Linhai Li, Secretary General of Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Association mentioned, after the explosion incident in Tianjin, we have more supervision. ICAO/FIATA training program provide a learning and communication platform for the industry, we can have a further development through this platform, to maintain the healthy development for the whole hazardous goods related industry.

Mr. Dupeng Wang, Director of Hazardous Goods Committee, China International Freight Forwarders Association said, to understand the industry development and avoid accidents, it is urgent for the industry to take social responsibility. We should call on more enterprises to integrate with the international community, promote the ecological development of chemical industry, introduce higher industry standards in foreign countries, and jointly build a green supply chain.

Ms.Qun Huang, General Manager from Beijing JMCONZ Transportation Consulting Co., Ltd mentioned, ICAO/FIATA training program is starting form Shanghai and will base in China, we’ll promote the development of the program. Seek a more standardized and safer path is our mission. Shanghai is not only an international trade and shipping center but also the center for air, maritime and land transportation.

Mr.Junhong Chen, General Manager Assistant from Shanghai Pilotrans International Logistics Co., Ltd thought the training program is a big step of the dangerous logistic industry, it has the crucial impact, strengthen the cognition of dangerous goods knowledge, standardize operation and make contribution to dangerous goods industry.
In the future, UL Supply Chain and Sustainability, together with China International Freight Forwarders Association and Beijing JMCONZ Transportation Consulting Co., Ltd. will launch the ICAO/FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Center in Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Yantai. This training program will promote the healthy development of China’s dangerous goods and chemical industry.