November 14, 2018
UL Announces New Label for Horticultural Luminaire Manufacturers
NORTHBROOK, Nov. 14, 2018 – UL is pleased to introduce a new label available to horticultural luminaire manufacturers as part of the UL Horticultural Performance Report. Manufacturers can now use this special label to provide independent, third-party confirmation of their luminaire performance and help differentiate their products from the competition. This new UL Label (see below)… read more
October 16, 2018
UL Introduces UL 4041 to Provide Rigorous Outdoor Furniture Safety Certification Document that Helps Advance Product Quality, Mitigate Risk
MARIETTA, GA., October 16, 2018 — In response to a growing number of incidents and injuries that occur each year with outdoor furniture usage, UL today announced the development of a rigorous science-based safety certification document for outdoor furniture to help retailers and consumers identify safer furniture. Data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission reveals… read more