UL is a trusted provider of information related to product safety. For decades, we have also worked with fire departments and other authorities to disseminate valuable fire prevention and safety guidance.

More recently, we have expanded our technical expertise to address the changing landscape of consumer safety concerns, including the areas of product toxicity, product emissions and indoor air quality, payment card and electronic data security, water quality and food safety.

Our lens into consumer safety is particularly vivid in that we objectively test products and environments first-hand, over and over again.  More often than not, our positions are based on science and test results with actual products in the marketplace.  Whether you are delving into a particular type of product, a safety issue in the home or seasonal holiday safety tips, UL has a host of consumer guides and tips.

Story ideas

  • Safety tips for preventing house fires
  • Improving indoor air quality in your newborn’s nursery
  • How electronic payment and ID security is evolving