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Webinar recording: Laser safety in additive manufacturing

Did you miss UL’s webinar on Laser Safety in Additive Manufacturing? Not to worry, we recorded it for you!

AM Lasers

February 26, 2019

Click here to access this free webinar recording


As additive manufacturing (AM) technology evolves, driven primarily by the increasing adoption in industrial production applications, lasers continue to be one of the most effective energy sources used. With the ability to transfer a large amount of energy to a micro-scale focal region and instantly cure materials, lasers are present in a number of AM technologies including vat polymerization, powder systems, and directed energy deposition. In a push to achieve greater production efficiencies, equipment OEMs are rolling out a range of multi-laser systems.

While these efficiencies are driving the overall advancement and adoption of the technology, there are risks and hazards associated with lasers and certification measures that should be taken to meet the necessary product safety standards. In the 4th installment of UL’s Optical Radiation Webinar Series, UL takes a closer look at laser safety in AM.


  • Common laser usage in additive manufacturing technologies
  • Overview of the product safety requirements from the relevant laser product safety standards
  • Key laser safety considerations for additive manufacturing technologies
  • Proper training and personal protection equipment (PPE) for lasers during operation and maintenance
  • What to look out for and questions to ask your equipment manufacturer

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