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Update for UL 8802, Outline of Investigation for Germicidal Systems

UV germicidal equipment and systems industry updates and the timeline for publication are announced here.

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February 11, 2021

UL announced Jan. 6, 2021 that a 2nd edition of UL 8802, Outline of Investigation for Germicidal Systems, will be published by late February 2021.

UL 8802 was issued Sept. 1, 2020, to address ultraviolet (UV) germicidal systems that expose surfaces within an unoccupied area with UV energy where the exposure dose would otherwise pose a risk of personal injury to occupants.

Earlier in 2020, UL also published two Certification Requirement Decisions (CRDs) for UL 1598, the Standard for Luminaires, as follows:

  • Annex L CRD: Germicidal Equipment, such as upper room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems, intended to expose surfaces within occupied areas
  • Annex M CRD: UV Emitter Assemblies as system components for use with germicidal systems.

The UL 8802 Outline and the two UL 1598 CRDs were established to address safety requirements for germicidal equipment and systems that the industry developed in response to COVID-19.

Together, these three documents provide a framework for addressing personal injury hazards from UV overexposure with other risks (shock, fire and personal injury other than UV overexposure), managed using UL 1598. These requirements are limited to fixed equipment and systems intended for installation in nonresidential locations.

Design innovations for products covered under these three documents continue, requiring additional standards work in several areas such as safeguard applications, safety related electronic circuits (SRECs), and design convergence where one system can operate in either occupied or unoccupied settings.

Normally, the two CRDs would be considered by the UL 1598 Standards Technical Panel (STP) through the Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations in the Americas (CANENA) harmonization process. This arrangement would require additional attention and collaboration between the UL 1598 STP and the coming UL 8802 STP for a cohesive approach.   

However, to facilitate the additional development effort and future STP work, the new second edition of UL 8802 merges the first edition with the two UL 1598 CRDs. UL expects to publish this new edition of UL 8802 by late February 2021. The new edition is expected to make the safety requirements more accessible by providing a single document for stakeholders to follow. We anticipate the STP for UL 8802 will include some current UL 1598 STP members and other stakeholders with interest and expertise in UV equipment and systems.

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