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UL Registrar LLC Approved Certification Body for the Equitable Food Initiative

June 1, 2016

NORTHBROOK, Ill. May 12, 2016 — UL, a leading global safety science organization, is pleased to announce that UL Registrar LLC is an official certification body for the Equitable Food Initiative. The Equitable Food Initiative (EFI), a nonprofit organization that brings together workers, growers and retailers in the effort to produce safer, more responsibly grown fruits and vegetables, today announced the engagement of UL to provide farm-based audits as one of its approved certification bodies.

“EFI is the only third-party certification program that addresses three of the top concerns in the produce industry - food safety, pest management, and labor conditions - through a workforce development training program. EFI has created a model, dedicated to promoting dialogue across the supply chain, that is fair to workers, profitable to farmers, retailers and foodservice providers, and provides an added level of assurance to consumers,” said Peter O’Driscoll, Executive Director of EFI. “Adding UL as an approved certification body will allow us to more effectively serve the needs of our growers who are seeking to validate their conformance to EFI’s rigorous standards.”

UL Registrar LLC will administer the EFI certification program given its expertise in independent management systems and helping support brands, manufacturers, and growers in the development and production of consistently safer products to quality levels demanded by stakeholders. UL Registrar LLC is dedicated to helping customers ensure the efficacy and sustainability of management systems in pursuit of a competitive business mission and vision.

Upon successful completion of the EFI Certification Program audit, the grower is issued a UL Certification Mark and a license agreement to use the EFI “Responsibly Grown. Farmworker Assured™” trustmark. The UL Certification Mark will be placed on the UL Certificate of Conformance, while the EFI trustmark may be used on product packaging to raise consumer awareness of the farm’s commitment to promoting the mission and values of the EFI.

For more information on the UL Equitable Food Initiative Certification Program, contact UL at [email protected] or visit

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