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UL Helps Food Service Industry Re-establish Customer Trust with Launch of New Food Safety Practices Verification Mark

UL Everclean® Verified Mark for Food Safety Practices provides restaurants and food service establishments tool for demonstrating a commitment to rigorous food safety practices, hygiene and sanitation.

Clean commercial kitchen with the UL Verified Mark for Everclean food safety practices

October 12, 2021

Northbrook, Illinois – October 12, 2021 – UL, the global safety science leader, today launched the UL Everclean® Verified Mark for Food Safety Practices, a new verification program for restaurants and food service establishments.  This verification provides objective evidence that a food service operation has met key food safety criteria and helps communicate the high priority placed on food safety, hygiene and sanitation.

“The pandemic brought cleanliness in the food service industry into the spotlight. Consumers are now paying more attention to a restaurant's sanitation and food safety practices than ever before,” said Michael Sperber, global business manager in the food division of UL’s Retail and Consumer Products group. “With the UL Everclean Verified Mark for Food Safety Practices, food service providers can show to their consumers that they have taken the necessary steps to help ensure their facilities are properly sanitized, that employees know how to prioritize food safety and that they have implemented efficient food safety practices.”

To earn the UL Everclean Verified Mark for Food Safety Practices, an establishment must demonstrate that:

  • Food is from an approved source, properly labeled, protected from contamination, stored and handled safely and cooked at a safe time and temperature
  • Employees are following good hygienic practices and properly wash their hands
  • Preventative measures are in place to control the addition of pathogens, chemicals and physical objects into food
  • Utensils are properly used, cleaned and stored
  • Insects, rodents and animals are not present
  • Hot and cold water is available
  • Garbage, sewage and waste water are disposed of properly

After achieving verification, an establishment (such as a restaurant, hotel, convenience store or grocery chain) can display a UL Everclean Verified Mark on their building and marketing collateral.  Displaying this Mark communicates their dedication to protecting the health and safety of their employees and customers.

Prioritizing food safety strategies matter not only to customer health and safety but also to your company’s reputation,” said Sperber. “Establishing and verifying food safety practices and promoting these initiatives to a business’s customers can help demonstrate that it takes safety seriously, enhance brand reputation, and ultimately convey trust and piece-of-mind.” 

The Everclean food safety verification program is part of UL’s Everclean food safety and hygiene solutions, which is a leading third-party retail food safety and sanitation audit program designed to help retail food service businesses optimize their food safety practices. UL conducts more than 65,000 food safety and sanitation audits annually across the United States.

Learn more about UL’s Everclean Verification for Food Safety Practices.

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