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UL Advances SoftPOS Security with American Express Accreditation

The accreditation allows UL to test third-party SoftPOS (software point-of-sale on a mobile device) applications and solutions for use on the American Express Global Network.

Mobile phone paying with a mobile phone being used as payment terminal

March 9, 2021

Northbrook, Ill. – March 9, 2021 – UL, the global safety science leader, today announced that it has been accredited by American Express to offer AMEX Enabled testing. With this accreditation, UL will test third-party SoftPOS (software point-of-sale on a mobile device) applications and solutions for use on the American Express Global Network. SoftPOS Kernel enables a mobile device to serve as a payment terminal.

AMEX Enabled* is an accreditation that signifies a product or service is approved for use on the American Express Global Network based on meeting American Express specifications, security and compliance requirements.

The AMEX Enabled Program is a convenient way for companies to get the information they need to develop a product or service that is compatible with the American Express Network. Once a company’s product/service is fully certified with American Express, it is given the AMEX Enabled badge.

AMEX Enabled products are listed on, allowing issuers (financial institutions that provide cards to consumers) and acquirers (financial institutions that enable merchants to accept payments) to confidently select technology that is compatible with the American Express Network.

“To advance security in the payments ecosystem, companies must innovate with safety guiding the way,” said Isabelle Noblanc, vice president and general manager, UL’s Identity Management and Security division.  “As the leading safety and security authority, UL is honored to receive AMX Enabled-accreditation for testing products for use on the American Express Network. We look forward to working with payment products and services providers globally to help them meet American Express requirements and specifications, while also helping broaden and further secure overall payment acceptance and services.”

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*AMEX Enabled accreditation identifies third-party products or services that meet American Express requirements. See for more details. Any listing, designation, approval or certification by American Express does not constitute a guarantee, endorsement, or warranty of a third-party’s product, service or performance. Products or services will require certification in order to be allowed for use by an issuer, acquirer or provider on the American Express Global Network.

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