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Standards Corner - Issue 4 2018

December 17, 2018

By Joe Musso, Standards Program Manager

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STP 325 – DOOR, DRAPERY, GATE, LOUVER, AND WINDOW OPERATORS AND SYSTEMS – A set of 11 new proposals were circulated for ballot in July 2018, with voting and comments due September 4. Nine of the topics reached consensus, but with seven topics receiving comments that need to be recirculated in Q4 2018.

STP 507 - ELECTRIC FANS – Standards work in this area remains active, with several proposals recently completing the standards process, and the resulting revisions published in August 2018. Several new proposals, including updating references to component standards, a static load test for ceiling insert fans with tab mounting means, and ceiling fan blade edge requirements were circulated for STP ballot in September 2018, with ballots and comments due October 15. All topics reached consensus, with no comments. Revisions were published in November.
In addition, the task group formed to continue work on a proposal submitted from the CPSC to include a new thermal condition performance test for unattended fans, continues to make progress. CPSC is leading the task group, which is working toward development of a proposal for consideration by the STP and public.

SAVE THE DATE: The next STP 507/705 meeting will be February 26, 2019, in Clearwater Beach, FL.

STP 749 – HOUSEHOLD DISHWASHERS – The STP ballot of the proposed new (11th) Edition concluded in May 2018, with the initial ballot failing to reach consensus. Comment resolution was successful. Recirculation of the resulting changes to the proposed new edition opened August 17, with a closing date of October 1. Consensus was reached, and the target for publication of the 11th Edition is November 30.

STP 858 – HOUSEHOLD ELECTRIC RANGES – Two new proposals, including an update to the surface element turn-off requirements, and a clarification for the off marking and heat setting requirement, were posted for ballot October 26, 2018, with a closing date of December 10.

STP 923 – MICROWAVE COOKING APPLIANCES – The proposal intended to address the potential risks associated with handling hot food and beverage items by young children in connection with microwave oven usage, was circulated for STP ballot August 3, 2018, closing September 17. The proposal reached consensus, but with comments resulting in changes that need to be recirculated. That step will be initiated in November, with the hope that the final revisions can be published before the end of 2018.
A separate proposal to add requirements for smart-enabled microwave ovens was circulated for STP ballot in April 2018. The proposal reached consensus, but with several comments. Final recirculation opened October 26, with a closing date of November 26.

STP 982 – MOTOR-OPERATED HOUSEHOLD FOOD PREPARING MACHINES – A series of 9 new proposal topics were posted for STP ballot in October / November 2018 timeframe, with separate ballots due November / December. Topics address requirements related to the following:

  • Clarification of applicability of self-holding protector abnormal operation test
  • Smart enabled machines
  • Vacuum blender
  • Feed opening accessibility
  • Electric knife unintentional operation
  • Interlocked blender cover opening equivalent area
  • Food processors with momentary contact switch
  • Input test
  • Soup making blenders

STP 1017 - VACUUM CLEANERS, BLOWER CLEANERS, AND HOUSEHOLD FLOOR FINISHING MACHINES - A new revision cycle is underway. The technical harmonization committee (THC) met in July 2018 to review and discuss the draft proposals prior to passing along to the SDOs for processing. Work is ongoing, with the next THC meeting scheduled for March 2019. Once the compiled draft proposals are ready, the next step will be to circulate the document for review by the consensus bodies and public.

STP 2595 – GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR BATTERY-POWERED APPLIANCES – The new (3rd) Edition of UL/CSA 2595 has been developed and was circulated for preliminary STP review, with a June closing date for comments. The new edition will integrate, update and clarify a number of requirements related to maximum rated voltages, use of general purpose batteries, general conditions of test requirements, normal charging of lithium-ion systems, power switches and products powered or charged by universal serial bus (USB) power sources. A significant number of comments were received and are currently being considered by the Technical Harmonization Committee. It is anticipated that the proposed new edition will be posted for ballot in the first quarter of 2019.

STP 60335-2-40 – HOUSEHOLD AND SIMILAR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES – SAFETY – PART 2-40: PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS FOR ELECTRICAL HEAT PUMPS, AIR-CONDITIONERS AND DEHUMIDIFIERS – The international harmonization working group (CANENA 61D Work Group 10) has been meeting regularly to address preliminary review comments received on the initial draft of the proposed new (3rd) edition. This work is nearing completion, and the target ballot timeframe is January 2019.

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