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Standards Corner - Issue 3 2018

October 10, 2018

By Joe Musso, Standards Program Manager

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UL 48 – Electric Signs
Several new proposals were circulated to the STP for preliminary review. One proposal addresses sign constructions employing receptacles providing auxiliary functions separate from the signage application. The other is related to reference standards and requirements for components used in PV signs. The ballot timeframe will be August 24 through October 8, 2018.

UL 153 – Portable Luminaires
A wide-ranging set of 16 proposal topics were balloted in June 2018. All of the proposals reached consensus, and the revisions were published in the standard in July.

UL 1088 – Temporary Lighting Strings
A proposal for an additional exception to the metal lamp guard requirements was circulated for STP ballot closing in April 2018. The proposal did not initially reach consensus but is currently under recirculation in a revised version, with the results due at the end of August.

UL 1598 – Luminaires (Tri-National Standard)
The current revision cycle, which includes 27 proposal topics, is progressing toward completion. Final recirculation of one remaining topic was completed in June 2018. Coordination of final publication by the SDOs is in process and is expected in September.

UL 1993 – Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters
A proposal to add a risk of electric shock re-lamping test to Supplement SC was circulated for STP ballot in June 2018. The proposal reached consensus without comments and was published in the Standard in August.

*A series of 20 new proposals are currently under review by the technical harmonization committee in preparation for the revision cycle.

UL 8750 – Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting Products
A 10-topic proposal ballot closed June 18, 2018, and all topics achieved consensus with comments. The recirculation of responses to comments for topics 1-9 closed August 3, and those topics maintained consensus. Final publication of these changes was completed the week of August 20th. Topic 10 is currently still under resolution of ballot comments and will later be recirculated in CSDS. Click here for a summary of topics.

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