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RECORDED WEBINAR: Medical Device Cybersecurity UL 2900 - Mitigating Safety and Performance Risks

August 10, 2018

Q1 Productions recorded webinar lead by UL's Anura Fernando

The Q1 Productions hosted webinar featured guest speaker, Anura Fernando, discussing the FDA recognized 2900 standard and its impact on medical device manufacturers and healthcare. With cyberattacks on healthcare on the rise, the discussion looks at how infrastructure is being targeted and the nuances of security risk management. The webinar then takes a look at the 2900 standard and how UL can assist with risk mitigation, standard compliance, and connected device safety. These tests include:

  • Product documentation review
  • Software composition analysis
  • Software vulnerability/weakness testing
  • Know malware testing
  • Verification of security controls
  • Structured penetration testing


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Anura S. Fernando, Principal Engineer - Medical Systems Interoperability & Security
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

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