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New UL iQ Database for Solid-State Lighting

January 9, 2015

Sourcing Made Easy      

Make sourcing of your solid-state lighting components easy with UL’s new iQ Database for Solid-State Lighting: .  Building upon an already industry leading database including Appliance Wiring Materials, Electrical Insulation Materials, Labels, Plastics, Printed Wiring Boards, Switched and Certified Water Products, the addition of Solid-State Lighting to our iQ Database helps bring UL’s certified components to a new level of visibility and allows users an unparalleled ability to search for and find the component that best meets their needs.  Leveraging UL’s extensive collection of data, the iQ Database allows users to search for certified components in not only the traditional ways, including Manufacturer, Catalogue Number and File Number, but also in much more advanced ways, never before possible.  Today our iQ Database for Solid-State Lighting includes LED Drivers, LED Packages and LED Self-Ballasted Lamps with more coming in the near future!

Looking to leverage the benefits of UL’s new Type TL LED Driver Program?  The iQ Database helps bring immediate visibility to our ever-growing database of Type TL Drivers as well as our comprehensive list of non-Type TL LED Drivers.  Search functionality for LED Drivers allows users to find certified LED Drivers based on input and output electrical ratings, environmental ratings, supply connection method as well as add-on ratings, such as Type HL and Type TL.  The iQ Database is even intelligent enough to guide you in the right direction for selecting an LED Driver that will comply with UL’s Type TL interchangeability criteria!

Finding UL certified LED Packages for your specific needs becomes as easy as entering your desired forward voltage. Additional search parameters allow you to filter by input type, junction temperature, environmental location and enclosure ratings.

Sourcing the right UL certified Self-Ballasted Lamp for your luminaire! Find the lamp you need by searching for lamp type, input voltage, shape, length and many other parameters.

Please experience the new UL iQ Database for Solid-State Lighting today:

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