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New Energy Efficiency Labels in Saudi Arabia


April 24, 2018

Regulatory changes are coming, and UL can help you prepare for market access.

The Middle East is an appealing market for global manufacturers but, as with any new market, it comes with challenges. Navigating the regulatory landscape can be difficult and understanding cultural differences in day-to-day business can be intimidating. UL, as a GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) notified body, helps global manufacturers navigate the market, including regulatory changes, with ease.

Most recently, The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) published new Energy Efficiency (EE) standards for Saudi Arabia related to low voltage electrical equipment. Important upcoming dates are detailed below:

1st July, 2018 – New EE labels will be required to issue a SASO Certificate of Conformity.

1st October, 2018 – Saudi customs will stop accepting products bearing the old EE label.

1st September, 2019 – Products bearing the old EE label shall be removed from market.

For more detailed information on these upcoming changes, and to learn how UL can help you remain compliant, visit our market access website.