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Marketing Claim Verification in Action

The Cable and Wire Industry Strengthens its Market Position with UL’s Marketing Claim Verification Program.

August 10, 2018

Today, specifiers, purchasers and various stakeholders along the supply chain of the wire and cable industry are more informed and connected, driving new levels of skepticism regarding the unsubstantiated performance claims of manufacturers and their products. UL helps brands and manufacturers confidently stand out from the crowd with trusted, independent confirmation of their marketing claims related to the performance, functionality or features of products, facilities, processes and systems.

The UL marketing claim Verification program pairs your innovation and product excellence with the trusted science-based processes of UL to set your product apart in the market.

The following companies are using the UL Verification Mark to differentiate their products from the competition and demonstrate to their customers that their marketing claims have been rigorously and objectively evaluated for accuracy:


Suzhou Cableplus Technologies (Verify ID: A968734 and A217174)

The former UL Verified Claim is for factory lab test process or processes related to robotic cable.  In this case, UL Verified Cableplus's Robotic Cable: Bend, Torsion, and Chain Track Cycle Test Process (A968734).  The latter Claim is for Robotic Cable: Tick-Tock, Torsion and Chain Track Performance (A217174).




Hitachi Cable America Inc (Verify ID: A826376)

The UL Verified claim relates to performance under specific conditions. The specific Hitachi product (Category 6 I/O Plenum Rated DRYBIT Cable) was Verified to Maintain Category 6 Performance During Water Submersion




Anixter’s Infrastructure Solutions Labs (Verify ID: A658788)

The UL Verified Claim relates to a process conducted at a specific facility, not a product.  In this case, UL Verified Anixter’s Structured Cabling Performance Test Processes at the company’s test laboratory located in Glenview, Ill.





Paige Electric Co LP (Verify ID: A808170)

The UL Verified Claim is for a range of Paige’s Game Changer Cable products that Deliver 1Gbps performance and PoE+ over 200 meters. Watch the video and take a peek behind the scenes of the claim verification process.


Lapp USA, Inc. (Verify ID: A522492)

The UL Verified Claim is for continuous flex test method, processes, and attributes through audit of procedural documents, training records, calibrated equipment, and system functionality.





Proteco Tape

The UL Verified Claim is for Furukawa’s PROTECO-TAPE with 3’2’’ char height, 12.0 m² total and 0.04 m²/s peak smoke release of PROTECO-TAPE per UL1685 for specific cable designs.  It helps limit smoke emission and are halogen-free, which helps reduce damage expansion caused by smoke generation during a cable fire.





Proteco Sheet

The UL Verified Claim is for Furukawa’s PROTECO-SHEET with 2’10’’ char height, 21.2 m² total and 0.03 m²/s peak smoke release of PROTECO-SHEET per UL1685 for specific cable designs.  It helps prevent flame spread and protects important equipment from fire.




Berk-Tek LLC (Verify ID: B638581)

Converged Application Score

The UL Verified Claim is for Berk-Tek’s converged application evaluation process, the CA score testing which involves simultaneous transmission of Voice, Data, Video, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) through a cabling channel is verified, processes, and attributes through audit of procedural documents, training records, calibrated equipment, and system functionality.




What is UL’s Marketing Claim Verification?

UL’s Verified Mark demonstrates that UL has Verified the specific marketing claim of these products and processes through independent, repeatable, science-based assessments.  UL’s Verification provides objective credibility to the accuracy of the marketing claims. The Verified Mark can be used on product, packaging and promotion and is available for products, systems, processes, facilities and more. Specific information about each Verified marketing claim is publicly available at UL’s online database UL Verify. In addition to verified claims for the wire and cable industry, the Verified Mark has been issued to products such as HVAC/R equipment, appliances, notebook computers, LED lighting and equipment, chemical additives, and many others. For further information, please see


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