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Lumen Insights®, 2019, Issue 1

Stay in the know with real time lighting industry updates from UL's quarterly Lumen Insights newsletter.


March 25, 2019

In this issue

  • A Letter from Adam Lilien
  • Upcoming UL Education and Training for the Lighting Industry
  • UL Introduces Horticultural Performance Certification for Lighting Manufacturers
  • Standards Corner
  • Goniophotometer Services
  • Spotlight: New Industry Video
  • Spotlight: Recognized Plastics Material Identification (RPMI)
  • GMA Corner
    • Thailand - New Energy Efficiency Label (label no.5) for Lighting Products
    • Argentina - Halogen Lamps Banned
    • Saudi Arabia - New Requirements for Lighting Products (SASO IECEE and SASO EE)
  • Upcoming Tradeshows


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