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Introducing UL Verified Mark

February 11, 2016

UL Verified Mark
Introducing a third-party product claims verification program exclusively from UL and backed by science. The UL Verified Mark program pairs your innovation and product excellence with the highest quality and most trusted science-based processes of UL to provide distinction and set your product apart in the market.

  • Delivers a science-based, objective credential giving your customers peace of mind that your product delivers on its claims
  • Differentiates your product by a third-party verification, from those with self-declared claims
  • Offers a unique and distinctive mark only available from UL
  • Brings credibility to product claims
  • Delivers confidence to product buyers and makes customer decision-making easier
  • Showcases commitment to delivering on product claims

Steps to Verified Mark:

  1. Marketing Claim Discussion
  2. Protocol Development
  3. Product Testing and Evaluation
  4. Promote Your Verification
  5. Market Surveillance/Sun Setting

Verified Mark

Beyond the Product Mark
Promote your verified claim on your product and packaging, in marketing and promotions, online, via PR and social media, at trade shows and in the workplace.
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To learn how a UL Verified Mark might be right for your product and how UL can help you differentiate at shelf email [email protected], we’ll be in touch soon.

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