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China Issues Food Safety Law

June 16, 2015

The Government of China has issued The 2015 Food Safety Law, and authorities have identified this as the toughest food safety law in history. The new law is intended to crack down on food scandals that have impacted the country in recent years.

The new food safety law is expected to involve both domestic and foreign firms doing food business in China. The new law outlines the following rules:

  • Chapter 1: General Principles
  • Chapter 2: Food Safety Risk Surveillance and Assessment
  • Chapter 3: Food Safety Standards
  • Chapter 4: Food Production and Trading
    • Section 1: General Provision
    • Section 2: Process Control of Production and Trading
    • Section 3: Label, product description and advertisement
    • Section 4: Special Foods
  • Chapter 5 Food Inspection
  • Chapter 6: Food Import and Export
  • Chapter 7: Handling of Food Safety Incidents
  • Chapter 8 Regulatory Work
  • Chapter 9: Legal Liabilities
  • Chapter 10: Supplementary Provisions

The new law is set to take effect October 1, 2015.


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