• Make sure that any UL Mark or promotional badge used in advertising, promotion or packaging is consistent with the certification that has been issued by UL. Correctly indicate whether the product or system is UL Certified, Listed, Classified, Performance Verified or Recognized. Alternatively, if the product or system is certified to the requirements of a specific country or region, make sure to use the appropriate UL Mark to indicate the geographic scope of a certification. Some examples of country- and region-specific UL Marks include: UL-AR Mark for Argentina, UL-BR Mark for Brazil, C-UL Mark for Canada, D Mark for Denmark, UL GS-Mark for Germany, S-Mark for Japan, UL-MX NOM Mark for Mexico and UL-ID Mark for Indonesia.
  • Any references to UL in promotional materials must be complete and accurate.
  • References to UL can be made only once you are authorized by UL to use the appropriate UL Mark or promotional badge.
  • UL promotional badges are used exclusively for certification programs utilizing the enhanced version of UL’s Marks. If a product is carrying the legacy version of a UL Mark, use of a promotional badge for any purpose is prohibited.
  • The UL Mark or promotional badge may never appear more prominently in any promotions or packaging than the company or brand name associated with the product or system.
  • If UL certification is withdrawn for any reason, remove all references to UL certification and discontinue any further use of any associated UL Mark or promotional badge.
  • No degree of acceptability, level of safety or protection should be implied in promotional materials of a UL certified product or system.
  • Products or systems certified or simply tested to UL Standards by other organizations are not eligible to use any UL Mark or promotional badge for any purpose. Do not use the UL Mark on packaging for products that are not UL certified.

In Scope and Out of Scope Uses

  • UL Marks or promotional badges can be used in marketing collateral, advertising, social content, internal and distribution chain communications, product catalogs, websites, news releases, point-of-sale, trade shows, and imagery promoting a UL certified product or system.
  • Do not use any UL Mark, promotional badge or reference to UL certification on company stationery, email signature block, business cards, signs or vehicles, or within internet domain names or company names. Use of these references on such materials could incorrectly imply more than a third-party certification relationship between your company and UL, or incorrectly imply that all products or systems have been certified by UL.
  • Ensure that any marketing claims based solely on the declaration of a manufacturer cannot be misconstrued as attributes evaluated as part of a UL certification. Avoid placing self-declared marketing claims in close proximity to any UL Mark or promotional badge. It’s important that buyers and users clearly understand that self-declared marketing claims are outside the scope of UL’s certification.
  • If some products or systems featured in a website, brochure, ad or catalog have earned a UL Mark but others have not, you must ensure the wording and placement of UL references make it clear what has been certified by UL and what has not been certified.
  • Do not use a UL Mark or promotional badge in general advertising or promotional material to suggest that noncertified products or systems have, in fact, been certified.
  • UL Mark or promotional badges for system certification may not be used in association with products or to imply that any products have been certified.
  • Use or promotion of a UL letter report or test report requires written authorization from UL.

Color and Artwork

  • To display the UL Mark, you may use red (PMS 200 or equivalent), black on a light background or white on a dark background. Make sure to use one color for all elements of the UL Mark. Promotional badges will be delivered in an acceptable color palette. No other colors are acceptable for promotional badges.
  • The UL symbol and any words used to describe a certification must be large enough to be clearly legible.
  • Promotional materials, ads and packaging should only illustrate product or system uses that are consistent with a UL certification.
  • Do not try to reproduce the UL Mark or promotional badge. Only use authorized artwork files provided by UL.
Enhanced UL Certification Marks

Enhanced UL Certification Marks

The enhanced UL Certification Mark now bundles multiple Certifications into a single Mark; utilizes a unique identifier for easier access to information at; communicates geographic scope of certification through country codes; and describes the attributes that UL has Certified about a product.

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