UL is an approved Quality Assurance Entity accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS) Third Party Inspection for Products Inspection Under a Florida Quality Assurance Program, UL has qualified, competent Field Staff to conduct inspections to assess the effective implementation of the Quality System and verify the product being manufactured is consistent with the product specifications provided to FBC. Periodic follow up inspections assures the manufacturer of continuing compliance with the program.

Administration of this program includes facilitating requests for Florida Quality Assurance Initial Qualifying Inspections and establishment of follow up service, handling requests from manufacturers requiring ICC-ES witness sampling and Service Confirmation Letters with 3-Year Expiration Dates

UL’s Florida Quality Assurance Program targets those customers who are interested in the additional benefits and value a Quality Management System audit can bring to a company.  This QA audit will provide evidence that the product or system described in the Florida Product Approval Report is being manufactured or assembled, per the submitted description, test results, or calculations to establish continual product performance.  Our Field Staff verify that the Quality Management systems and processes described in the Quality documentation are in place and effectively implemented.  In today’s marketplace, Quality is #1.

Customers participating in UL’s Florida Quality Assurance Program benefit from the following:

  • Expiration Date letters are automatically sent to the manufacturer
  • Quality and infrequent service issues equals increased savings and potential sales
  • Fewer complaints and issues equals better relationship with AHJs, other code officials, and customers
  • Fewer UL non-conformances can equal lower costs
  • Increased quality monitoring can equal Less Service/Warranty Claims.
  • Less rework as a result from doing it right the first time

UL provides name recognition, with over 100 years of safety experience; a strong understanding of the AHJ community, and competent Field Staff located globally who can meet your auditing requirements.  Consider that the cost of one recall would far exceed the cost of participating in our Florida Quality Assurance auditing program.

If you would like a quote for service or have any questions about UL’s Florida Quality Assurance program please submit an information request form electronically or contact us at +1-877-UL-HELPS (+1-877-854-3577).

Inspection, testing and audit services performed via UL Third-Party Inspection Services for QC Compliance do not result in UL certification or UL registration. Use of the UL Mark is not authorized.