UL certifies materials, systems and assemblies used for structural fire resistance and separation of adjacent spaces to provide safeguard against the spread of fire and smoke within a building and the spread of fire to or from the building. One of the key components that makes this possible is properly tested and installed firestop systems and ensuring that those systems are properly maintained.

Firestop systems, are of a specific construction consisting of a wall or floor assembly, a penetrating item passing through an opening in the wall or floor assembly, and the materials designed to prevent the spread of fire through the openings.

Materials used in the firestop systems are intended to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the materials. The specifications for materials in a firestop system and the assembly of the materials are details that directly relate to the established ratings.

The UL Onsite Firestop Inspection Service

It is vital to understand that the hourly ratings apply only to the complete systems. Individual components are designated for use in a specific system to achieve specified ratings. The individual components are not assigned ratings and are not intended to be interchanged between systems. Additionally, the substitution or elimination of components required in a system should not be made unless specifically permitted in the individual system or in these general guidelines. As a leading expert in testing, materials for more than 100 years, UL is well-equipped to help ensure proper installation of these systems. For more information visit the Onsite Firestop Inspection page

The UL qualified contractor program

Through the qualified contractor program, UL is also able to assess and qualify contractors that install systems to protect penetrations and joint systems. This program provides a UL-issued certificate to companies that demonstrate knowledge of these products and have established quality management systems concerning training, installation, and proper handling of firestop and joint system components. For more information visit the UL Qualified Contractor page