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May 5, 2020
  • Webinar

What you need to know to export gas cooking appliances and catering equipment to Saudi Arabia

Make sure your gas appliances and catering equipment satisfy all the mandatory requirements defined by the SASO standards if you want to export them to Saudi Arabia. Join our experts and learn more about the value of the SASO Quality Mark for gas appliances.

SASO Quality Mark for Gas Cookers_webinar

Date & Time


May 5, 2020 3:00pm ECT


4:00pm ECT



This webinar will provide you an overview of the SASO Quality Mark requirements and processes with particular attention to gas appliances and catering equipment.

By attending this webinar you will learn more about:

  • The SASO Quality Mark process including the main required items and the process of the Factory Audit
  • Differences between the CE, UL and SASO Marks 
  • Specific requirements for gas and electric cooking appliances

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