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Oct 8, 2020
  • Digital Live Event

Virtual Webinar: Work Home Balance & IT Security

Discussion on working from home and staying cybersafe

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Date & Time


Oct 8, 2020 1:30pm EST


3:30pm EST

UL, along with the Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA),  is hosting a virtual webinar, Work Home Balance & IT Security. Christopher Beeman, Business Development Manager for Digital Health, will lead the session with industry experts and manufacturers on the challenges they face, best employee practices and IT security solutions for working from home

This webinar will present information concerning cybersecurity according to published standards, UL’s knowledge of product safety and how it applies to the new work-from-home environment many are becoming accustomed to.

This event is part of the GRMA Summit series of virtual webinars. The goal of the event is to bring exciting content that would normally be shared during the annual summit directly to your computer.

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