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Tue Jul 28
  • Live Webinar

UL Webinar Series: Designing for Smart Home Success

  • Live Webinar

The Smart Home/home automation market is growing at a rapid rate and so are the design and technology choices for device manufacturers and innovators.

Throughout June and July UL is running a series of 8 separate 30-45 minute webinars, each taking a look at a different technology, compliance or design challenge and providing insight into some of the choices available to you that will allow you to create compliant, safe and market ready smart home devices.

Take a look below at our webinar series and click the link at the bottom to register for one, some or all of our series:

Topic 1: How to design or source a compliant, safe, power supply - June 23rd - Session already delivered, click here to watch the recording

A short guide for designers and buyers on requirements for compliant, safe, home automation power supply.

Topic 2:Portable Battery Safety Standards - June 25th - Session already delivered, click here to watch the recording

The safety of portable batteries is under increasing scrutiny by consumers and standards bodies. Get the latest knowledge about international safety standards for portable batteries from our experts who work closely manufacturers, government agencies, regulators, technology institutes and accreditation bodies.

Topic 3: Home Automation or Smart Home - July 7th - Session already delivered, click here to watch the recording

RF Exposure in The Home Environment: With the current increase in the use of wireless technologies in home, it is essential that the legal requirements for product incorporating these technologies are evaluated to ensure they meet the limit(s) set by national and international organisations.

Topic 4: Connect to Success: Antenna Performance in your Smart Home Device - July 9th - Session already delivered, click here to watch the recording

Every good wireless home automation product enhances the user experience when connected. Selecting the right antenna for a device is fundamentally important to delivering this experience. How can this be achieved? Join us to find out.

Topic 5: All you need to know about Zhaga: The LED Standard - July 16th - Session already delivered, click here to watch the recording

Find out how Zhaga is evolving to adapt to the latest market demands for LED lighting such as dimming, performance and lighting without interfering with them.

Topic 6: Global Market Access for you Smart Home Device - July 21st - Session already delivered, click here to watch the recording

You want your wireless product to be available to a global market and reach the largest possible audience? We will provide you with overview of the main requirements to sell your product in different countries. Register to find out more.

Topic 7: Your Bluetooth® Choices - July 23rd - Session already delivered, click here to watch the recording

Understand the pros and cons of classic Bluetooth vs Low Energy Versions and gain insight into the latest specifications being introduced to support the growth of home automation devices.

Topic 8: Is Thread the Future for Smart Home Devices? - July 28th - click here to watch the recording

Set to launch in June, will Thread become the protocol of choice for Smart Home manufacturers? Take a brief introduction into how the new smart home protocol may revolutionise the market.

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