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Tue Jul 14
  • Live Webinar

UL Webinar: How to sell wearables globally? (Wireless Requirements for market access to Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan)

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  • Live Webinar

The event is focused on the Wireless Technologies used in wearable technology products and what is required to get these products on the international markets successfully.

The increase of traditional wearable products converging with wireless technology has created better use of simple products extending their functionalities. This means that the wireless aspects relating to international type approval must be carefully considered with other requirements. If your product is intended for markets such as Russia, China, Japan and Latin America, this webinar helps in navigating the wireless requirements as they can be complex to some manufacturer entering or new to the wireless sector.

Who do we recommend it for?

  • Wearable technology device manufacturers
  • Wireless technology integrators
  • Mobile device manufacturers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Wireless chipset manufacturers
  • Wearable Fashion designers
  • Wireless Medical device manufacturers


Duration – 1 hour (including Q&A)

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For questions please contact Richelieu Quoi at [email protected]

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