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Wed Sep 16
  • Live Webinar

UL Webinar: ANATEL & INMETRO - Brazilian Market Access for Consumer Technologies

  • Live Webinar

This webinar is focused on the access to Brazilian market for consumer technology products in compliance with ANATEL & INMETRO mandatory certification programs.

We will discuss the current requirements in force today and how to meet these requirements to gain access to the market.

Main Topics

  • Why Brazil?
  • Which are the regulations in place?
  • Process overview

Learning Objectives

After attending this webinar the attendees should be able to understand the Brazilian regulations for consumer technologies products in Brazil and how to apply for certification.

Who do we recommend it for

We recommend this webinar to current and future manufacturers or importers who require an overview of approvals process for launching wired /wireless product to Brazil market.


Click here to watch the recording


For all enquiries and additional information please contact Magdalena Karolak-Piasecka at [email protected]

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