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Wed Jun 7
  • Conference

UL SPEAKING: "MEDmeetsTECH Mechanical doctor or smart devices and robotics in medicine"

  • Conference

On June 7, 2017 - Ewa Dragun & Marcin Wagner, UL International Polska Sp. z o.o. will speak on “MEDmeetsTECH Mechanical doctor or smart devices and robotics in medicine" in Warsaw, Golden Floor Tower at Chlodna 51.

The project aims to exchange knowledge and build a new relationship between the two environments to facilitate the development of innovation in the field of medicine.

MEDmeetsTECH a bridge between the various environmental experts. In one place to meet doctors, representatives of business and new technology which combines important feature - open to new ideas and a desire to head innovation in medicine. There will also be investors looking for this type of events and new contacts startups worth the investment.

The conference was planned so as to comprehensively address all aspects necessary to develop a medical device - from research papers, by design to implementation on the market and registration. Scheduled sessions are: science, transfer of technology, medicine and startup.

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