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Thu Jun 11
  • Seminar

UL Seminar: New Innovation SAR Measurement Using Array Systems

  • Seminar

UL Public Seminar coming to London on 11 June 2015

Over the past 6 to 7 years the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) standard has seen many improvements and is now opening the possibility to use array systems for preliminary filtering before certification test is performed. An aspect of this has been documented in the informative annex of the IEEE 1528: 2013 standard. The development of the updated IEC 62209-1 is expected to see more detail of this approach. The IEC TC 106 / MT1 group is also in the process of developing IEC 62209-3, specifically for faster array vector systems that can be used “in conjunction with the existing SAR systems” to support regulatory compliance claims.

This event is design to address the following topics below and give the Wireless industry a chance to discuss any matters related to array evaluation and an up-to-date view of SAR certification including live demonstration of both array solutions (ART-Fi and cSAR 3D) systems.


  • An Overview of Array System Technologies
  • What is FAST SAR Evaluation
  • The Purpose of Fastest SAR Systems
  • How to Applying Faster Evaluation
  • Array Systems and Technology Limitations
  • Array System & Regulatory Approach
  • Lab accreditation for Use of Array System (ISO 17025)
  • Live System Demonstration
  • Future of SAR Evaluation
  • Regulators’ Approach
  • Manufacturers View
  • Addressing Products of the Future
  • Roundtable Discussion


The seminar will be delivered by:

  • Benoît Derat, PhD; CEO, ART-Fi SAS
  • Niels Kuster, PhD; Director IT'IS Foundation / Professor at ETH Zurich
  • Mark Douglas, PhD;Project Leader, Certification Research
  • Sami Gabriel, BEng(Hons) MSc FIET MIEEE; Chief Engineer, Vodafone Group Services Limited
  • Richelieu Quoi, BEng (Hons); Consumer Technology, Product Manager Automotive, Mobile Comms, Wearable at UL.

Who should attend

  • Smartphone, Tablet and Wearable device manufacturer
  • R&D engineers
  • Regulatory engineers
  • Compliance engineers
  • Wireless Product designers

Event details

  • Event Location: UL VS LTD, Pavilion A, Ashwood Park, Ashwood Way, RG23 8BG, United Kingdom
  • Date: 11th of June 2015
  • Duration: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm (including lunch, breaks and Q&A)
  • Cost: free

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For questions please contact Richelieu Quoi at [email protected]

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