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Wed Jun 14
  • Conference

UL PRESENTING: "How the change in classification will impact industry" at SMi IVD Conference

  • Conference

On June 14-15, 2017 Sue Spencer, Head of Global Medical Device Services, UL will present "How the change in classification will impact industry" at the SMi IVD Conference in London UK.

This is the 3rd conference in the SMi series.

"The workshop will kick off with a brief overview of key changes and timelines associated with hard and soft transitioning, and will provide high level input into building a compliance program to implement the new EU-IVDR. The remainder of the workshop will focus on the practical approach with a "hypothetical" in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturer. A key element in the workshop will be the 'How to' questions, such as 'how to understand critical impacts', 'how to persuade my management to prepare budget/resources', 'how to prepare the roadmap', etc.

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