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Training: Advanced Training on Metal Part Production

  • Seminar

Advanced Training on Metal Part Production

Exclusively offered at at the UL AMCC in Louisville, Kentucky, students will learn and apply advanced additive manufacturing with metals during this 5-day hands-on course. Beginning with process and material fundamentals and progressing through design, build planning, process parameters, post-processing and quality evaluation, students will design and manufacture parts as part of project teams.Builds competency to successfully fabricate metal, polymer composite and ceramic parts, from AM design set up to part build and post processing to quality assurance. Culminates in application specific certifications. (e.g., medical implants, aerospace, industrial machinery, automobile, etc.)Below is the high-level overview of the curriculum:

Day 1: Introduction to Selective Laser Melting

Day 2: Design, process planning and set-up

Day 3: Process parameters and post-process heat treatments

Day 4: Finishing and evaluation

Day 5: Implementation

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