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Wed Apr 8
  • Seminar

Seminar in the UK: New Innovation in RF Exposure Measurement Using Array Systems

  • Seminar
UL Consumer Technology Division leads in the field of certification of Wireless smartphone and tablet devices. We have invested strategically to enhance our customers’ success for certification by providing them with technical knowhow and cutting-edge equipment to help minimise time to market.

The first laboratory globally to provide both Array solutions for SAR assessment demonstrating compliance to R&TTE article 3.1a Health & Safety and more.

The introduction of 4G LTE and other wireless technologies solutions has enabled increasingly advanced functionality and interaction in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearable technology. With Apps driven user interfaces the demand for more data throughput has increased, and in doing so push technological advancement with the introduction of Internet Protocol (IP) driven technologies such 5G and Wi-Fi 802.11ac/p.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) systems are relied upon to address critical health and safety evaluation for Radio Frequency (RF) energy that is absorbed in the human body from wireless devices use in close proximity to the human head or body. This test method is the most adopted approach in the industry and is repeatable, reliable and trusted to address fast moving innovation presented by manufacturers.

The introduction of array system was briefly discussed in the IEC 62209-1 in 2006, at the time the technology was not yet mature to apply to certification testing. Over the last 6 to 7 years the SAR standard has seen much improvement and is now opening the possibility to use array systems for preliminary filtering before certification test is performed. An aspect of this has been well documented in the informative part of the IEEE 1528: 2013 standard.

The development of the updated IEC 62209-1 is expected to see more detail of this approach. The IEC is also in the process of developing a specific standard for faster array systems that can be used in conjunction with the existing system to support regulatory compliance claims.

This event is design to address the following topics below and give the industry a change to discuss any concerns.

Topic Covered

  • An Overview of Array System Technologies
  • What is FAST SAR Evaluation
  • The purpose of fastest SAR system
  • How to Applying Faster Evaluation
  • Array Systems and Technology Limitations
  • Array System & Regulatory Approach
  • Lab accreditation for use of Array System (ISO 17025)
  • System Demonstration
  • Future of SAR Evaluation
  • Regulators’ Concerns
  • Manufacturers Concerns????
  • Addressing Products of the Future
  • Roundtable Discussion


UL TCB / Notified Body (TBA)

Dr Mark Douglas (System Manufacturer SPEAG)

Dr Benoit DERAT (System Manufacturer ART-Fi)

UKAS (TBA – Phil Carter)

Who should attend

  • Smartphone, Tablet and Wearable device manufacturer
  • R&D engineers
  • Regulatory engineers
  • Compliance engineers
  • Wireless Product designers

 How to Register:

For more registration go to: Link”” or email [email protected]

UL Public Seminars coming to London in April 2015

For questions contact Chris Ford at [email protected] or call +44 1256 31 xxxx


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