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PV Module Safety Standards Harmonization Workshop

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WORKSHOP: PV Module Safety Standards Harmonization
PRESENTER: Kent Whitfield
DATE: July 14
TIME: 9  to 11 am PST
LOCATION: UL San Jose Photovoltaic Test Office, 2191 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95131
COST: Free (space is limited)

The end is in sight for the long-term effort to harmonize the PV module safety and construction standards, and now is the time to tap into ULs expertise and knowledge to understand what it means for you.

Harmonization involves evaluating requirements in the base standard for different geographical markets to identify common elements and specific national or regional differences. The combination of updates in IEC 61730, published Aug 2016, as a basis for harmonization with UL 1703 and considerations for the newly published NEC 2017 represent the latest inputs from the solar PV industry, operational systems and regulators.

While the harmonized standard will not be published until later this year, it is critical to know now how identified changes will impact your current PV module or system design. Whether you’re a manufacturer, integrator, installer, inspector, developer or financier of PV systems, you’ll benefit from this interactive workshop with the experts that participated in writing the standard.

During this complimentary workshop you will learn about:

  • Fundamental differences between IEC 61730 and UL 1703
  • Overview of insulation coordination, overvoltage categories and equipment classes
  • National differences resulting from harmonization
  • Overview of the resulting harmonized safety standard
  • What it means to your existing safety certifications
  • Key considerations in new designs

Register today for this workshop by completing the form on this page. Or, if you are not in the San Jose area,  click here to download "The Dawn of New PV Safety Requirements: IEC 61730 2ND EDITION" whitepaper.

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