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Machine Risk Assessment Webinar

Become familiar with the machine risk assessment process and learn how to assess risks associated with fixed industrial machinery.

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  • Webinar

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Industrial machinery can expose personnel to multiple hazards resulting in a range of risks. If not properly recognized and mitigated, these risks can lead to injuries, lost production or loss of life. By law, every employer must complete a workplace hazard assessment. A thorough risk assessment includes identification of hazards, frequency of exposure, probability of injury, severity of injury and methods for reducing risk. This webinar teaches you how to assess risks associated with fixed industrial machinery and establish a risk level based on ANSI/RIA risk assessment methods. After completing this webinar, attendees will become familiar with the machine risk assessment process and understand important questions to ask.


  • Address the importance of machine safety
  • Review OSHA requirements for machine safeguarding
  • Provide an overview of the many codes and standards that may be included in a machine safety and risk assessment
  • Provide basic methods and tools for getting started with machine safety and risk assessments

In today’s highly competitive environment, understanding your risk is essential to good business practices. Machinery hazards can be identified, assessed, and mitigated to limit exposure to risk. Learn workplace safety requirements and U.S. machine safety regulations from the experts at UL.

Learn more at and download our free risk assessment tool. 

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