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Thu Mar 19
  • Workshop

LED Luminaires - Designing for Compliance to UL 8750 (In Accordance with UL 1598)

  • Workshop

This one-day technical training course will provide an in-depth exposure to UL processes and requirements for LED luminaires. The first half-day will focus on the UL submittal and Certification processes, the results of certification and ongoing Follow-Up Service (FUS). The second half-day will provide an in-depth review of how UL 1598 Standard requirements must be supplemented with specific requirements of UL 8750 to ensure compliance for LED luminaire design. Several case studies will be used to provide examples.

Please note that you should have a solid understanding of UL 1598 prior to taking this course. Participants will receive a copy of the UL 8750 Standard with their workshop materials ($616 USD value).

Workshop Topics

  • UL lighting submittal and certification process
  • Results of certification process (i.e UL Mark, UL report, etc.) and ongoing FUS
  • Submittal package
  • Data Acceptance Program participation
  • Certification requirements in UL 1598 and UL 8750 for LED luminaires
  • Mechanical requirements
    •  Electrical requirements
    • General construction for different luminaire mounting and location
    • Performance testing
    • Manufacturing testing
    • Luminaire markings


  • Successfully complete lighting submittal and certification process
  • Develop submittal documentation
  • Complete the submittal and certification process
  • Identify the core LED luminaire requirements from UL 8750 to supplement UL 1598
  • Apply the key elements of both Standards’ guidelines to the listing requirements for LED luminaires

Target Audience

  • Luminaire manufacturers
  • Luminaire design engineers
  • Luminaire product safety engineers
  • Luminaire product managers

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