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Mar 26, 2019 — Mar 28, 2019
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International Battery Seminar & Exhibit

Booth #116 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

AA Batteries
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Visit UL in Booth #116.

Battery safety has become more critical as mobility becomes a requirement for common devices used in the home and workplace, and as an energy storage platform for the built environment. New  product standards and updated building codes have been developed and/or deployed to help ensure that safety requirements keep pace with advancements in technology and innovation.

Join UL at the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, booth #116. Our battery experts will be offering presentations on battery safety and innovation, regulatory codes and standards, as well as battery aging and safety during the event.

Please join us for the following presentations given by UL thought leaders, or view the full schedule here.

March 26 | 9:15 AM
Advancing Battery Tech Innovations Through Safety

There has been a rapid and steady emergence of products where batteries and their end-device design elements have become critical for defining safe use and operation. UL was pursued to look at these devices, and with our public safety mission in mind, has developed industry standards that promote safer design practices. This presentation will cover a few of those examples.

March 27 | 9:30 AM
Understanding Regulatory Hurdles to Installing Battery Systems in Buildings - An Overview of Codes & Standards

This presentation will provide the audience with an overview of the various model codes and standards that impact the installation of battery systems and battery energy storage systems in the built environment. Critical model codes such as the NEC and the Fire Codes have been updated to better address battery energy storage systems that are being deployed in areas that are subject to approval by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs). These model codes are placing limitations on sizes, locations and types of systems that can be deployed and are often requiring that the systems be "Listed" to an appropriate standard. In addition to the development of new code criteria, new safety standards have also been developed. These standards include UL 1973, the ANSI standard for stationary batteries, UL 9540, the ANSI and Canadian National Standard for energy storage systems and UL 9540A, which was developed to address large scale fault and fire testing options written into the fire codes.

March 27 |10:45 AM
Safety of Aged Pouch Format Lithium-Ion Cells

The Phase I of our study on aging and safety, conducted in collaboration with Purdue University,  included the testing of lithium-ion cells of cylindrical format in metal cans that include internal protective features. Pouch format cells do not contain such internal protective features and the safety behavior is very different from the cylindrical format. Results of off-nominal tests such as overcharge and external short on fresh cells and cells that have aged and at various levels of capacity loss will be presented. Results from the destructive analysis of the fresh and aged cells will also be presented.

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