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May 26, 2020
  • Webinar

Going Global with Connected Lighting Products: Market Access Made Easy

Register for our one-hour webinar to learn how to get your luminaires to global markets and confirm that they “communicate” with different products safely, ensuring interoperability through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee and Thread.

 Lighting connected network light connectivity

Date & Time


May 26, 2020 11:00am ECT


12:00pm ECT



Smart lighting, smart world. 

According to Strategy Analytics, 38.6 billion devices will be connected by 2025, and 50 billion by 2030. So manufacturers are eager to gain access to global markets with IoT products, empowering innovation from one side and enhancing security and safety on the other. 
Bluetooth, Zigbee and Thread are widely used  technologies that should enhance interoperability between the devices and the lighting products. 

Join our free webinar and learn about the wireless regulations for safe and secure access to U.S., Canada and other countries all over the world.

By taking part in this webinar, you will gain an overview of:

  • The complexity of the lighting market – facts and figures
  • The wireless regulatory landscape and the latest updates for Europe, U.S., Canada and global 
  • Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread: wireless protocol options for smart lighting fixtures

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