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Nov 30, 2020
  • Webinar

Electrical Transformers: Requirements for Renewable Energy in the Middle East

Join UL for a webinar on the power transformation process and electrical transformers. Our experts will clarify the type of transformers used in the Middle East and discuss the required standards.

Wind and solar energy storage and electrical transformers

Date & Time


Nov 30, 2020 3:00pm GST


4:00pm GST



Many countries are opting for renewable energy solutions, predominately solar photovoltaics and wind power generation aiming to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions.

This has resulted in an unprecedented evolution of the energy transformation process and continuous updates to applicable safety and performance.

In this webinar, UL will focus on one specific element of the power transformation process,  the electrical transformer. Our experts will clarify the type of transformers used in the Middle East, and they will also discuss the required standards for renewable energy usage. 

Topics to be covered: 

  • The role of transformers in the renewable energy process
  • Different types of transformers used in renewable energy 
  • Special requirements for power transformers in solar and wind plants

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