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Wed Mar 18
  • Workshop

Designing for Compliance to UL 1598: Electric Luminaires

  • Workshop

This workshop covers the fundamental testing requirements, expected safety performance, and recommended installation practices for Electric Luminaires listed under UL 1598 and updated to comply with the 3rd Edition. In addition, the workshop discusses North American electrical installation requirements as defined within the U.S. NEC and Canadian (CEC) codes. This workshop updates and reinforces a class participant’s knowledge of the respective Standard’s requirements, the safety design architecture of electric lighting (luminaire) products and the laboratory testing requirements applied to products listed under this important UL Standard.

Participants will receive a copy of the UL 1598 Standard with their workshop materials ($1,139 USD value).

Workshop Topics

  • Standard scope and general requirements
  • Mechanical construction requirements
  • Electrical constructions
  • Incandescent Luminaires supplementary requirements
  • Fluorescent Luminaires supplementary requirements
  • High Intensity discharge luminaires supplementary requirements
  • Surface mounted luminaires supplementary requirements
  • Recessed luminaires supplementary requirements
  • Miscellaneous luminaires supplementary requirements
  • Environmental location luminaires supplementary requirements
  • Normal temperature tests recessed and mounted
  • Abnormal temperature tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Electrical tests
  • Factory production tests
  • Test procedures and apparatus
  • Marking


  • Articulate the “core areas” of UL 1598
  • Apply the key elements of this Standard’s guidelines to the listing requirements for such lighting systems
  • Discuss the installation requirements of NFPA 70 wherein the code applies to listed and approved lighting products and systems
  • Target Audience
  • Luminaires manufacturers
  • Fixed and portable lighting manufacturers
  • OEM’s
  • Electric lighting installation companies
  • Design engineers
  • Product safety engineers
  • Regulatory compliance engineers
  • Product managers

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