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Tue Dec 2
  • Seminar

Designing for Compliance to IEC 62368-1 2nd Edition (Denmark)

  • Seminar

NEW: 02-03 December 2014

Safety standards for high-tech products over the next five years will be shifting from prescriptive rules to a new hazard-based concept that emphasizes safety design in the early product development phase. This interactive course helps current ITE and Audio Video manufacturers gain the expertise they need design to the new requirements listed in the international IEC 62368-1 standard and corresponding standard for North America, UL/CSA 62368-1.

The course is comprised of two separate training modules: an eLearning component and the instructor-led session. The eLearning component covers the basics of the standard and is completed in advance, enabling participants to maximize their in-class time with our UL expert. The instructor-led session digs deeper into the detailed technical content and features progressive knowledge checks and engaging interactions to help learners reinforce and apply the new concepts. A final assessment is provided that requires participants to complete a detailed case scenario on their own and then review their solutions in class.

A copy the IEC 62368-1 Standard is optionally included with participant workshop materials (Special offer (CD format): 260 EUR).

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the purpose of the standard and how it is used
  • Explain the Objective of Clause 0 - Introduction to Principles of Safety and provide an overview
  • Describe the highlights of Clause 4 - General Requirements
  • Explain how to classify the various types of energy sources addressed by the standard, prescribe safeguards against those energy sources and verify construction is in compliance with the applicable requirements
  • Identify the tests and testing guidelines defined in the standard necessary to verify safeguard design is adequate
  • Explain the importance of Markings and Instructions and why they are relevant to the safety of the equipment
  • Describe the certification process

Seminar Details

  • Event Location: UL International Demko A/S, Ballerup (Copenhagen), Denmark
  • Date: 02-03 December 2014
  • Duration: 16 hours (including lunch and breaks)
  • Cost: 840 EUR

Special offer:

Register more participants from the same company and pay EURO 670 - per additional attendee (instead of EURO 840).

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