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Tue Jul 18
  • Webinar

Cyber Risk Mitigation and Electric Imp Webinar

  • Webinar

Topic: Why Security Certification is Crucial for IoT Success.

Description: Join Electric Imp CEO, Hugo Fiennes, and UL’s Director of Connected Technologies, Rachna Stegall, Tuesday, July 18 at 2:30PM ET as they discuss the unique demands of helping to secure the IoT — and why independent certification is even more critical in the fast-evolving world where real-time data exchange and security are becoming widely adopted. Fiennes & Stegall will share candid insights into why establishing an IoT Security Benchmark, such as UL 2900-2-2 Cybersecurity Certification, is critical for due diligence of edge to enterprise technologies — and the future of commercial, industrial and consumer IoT overall.

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