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In the ever-changing world of digital technology, safety standards for technology products are constantly being updated or developed to reflect the changes. Safety standards for technology products are shifting from prescriptive rules to new hazard-based principles and requirements that emphasize safe design early in the product development phase.

Expertise – UL has been a leader in the development of the latest hazard-based standard with a management role on the Technical Committee IEC TC108 and as members of national committees throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Education – We have been educating the industry on the latest hazard-based standard for close to a decade, even before the first edition of the standard was first published – we will continue to be the knowledge leaders as the standard evolves into future amendments and editions.

Why UL?

UL has been sharing information with the technology industry on  the development of 62368-1 for years. We will continue to be the knowledge leader for the standard as it evolves. Our educational offerings on the standard include public and private seminars and workshops, whitepapers, technical briefs, and articles, as well as engineering advisory services and regular updates on our website, blog and on our LinkedIn group – UL Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (& the Hazard Based Standard, IEC 62368-1) .

Why Act Now?

If you have not done so already, you should start planning for your engagement with IEC 62368-1, especially as the formal transition dates approaches. Products failing to comply will not be able to be sold in many of the biggest and most lucrative global markets.

Compliance with 62368-1 to meet regulatory requirements will be the certification norm for  AV/ICT equipment sold in North America and Europe in the next few years when 62368-1 permanently replaces both IEC 60065 and IEC 60950-1.

Adoption now may give you the opportunity to take advantage of the increased flexibility offered by the latest standard, particularly the emphasis on safety design in the early product development phase and performance-oriented compliance options.

Products Covered

The new standards cover a wide range of high-tech products, including:

  • Computing & networking products: servers, PCs, routers, notebook/laptop computers, tablets and their power supplies
  • Consumer electronics: amplifiers, home theatre systems, digital cameras and personal music players
  • Displays and display units: monitors, TVs and digital projectors
  • Telecommunication products: network infrastructure equipment, cordless and mobile phones, and similar communication devices, including battery powered devices
  • Office appliances: copiers and document shredders
  • Similar varieties of audio/video, information and communication technology equipment: devices used in homes, schools, data processing centers, commercial, and professional environments

Are You Ready for 62368-1?  Prepare for Compliance with the UL 62368 ToolKit

The 62368 UL ToolKit includes:

  • UL IEC 62368-1 Standard Document ($600 value)
  • Step-by-step transition guide
  • Notifications on latest updates to 62368-1
  • Access to Webinars/Webcasts
  • Exclusive Members-Only Q&A Blog
  • and much more…

This ToolKit is an ongoing resource for all UL IEC 62368-1 developments and will go beyond the transition phase. UL is your partner in compliance. Purchase your toolkit now.

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