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In partnership with our customers, UL is finding new and better ways to drive sustainable advantages within the global supply chain. Our innovative, customizable solutions help businesses establish, assess, track and measure sustainability programs across their supply chain.

Establish, assess, track and measure sustainability programs across the supply chain.


Women picking tea and farming responsibly

UL’s responsible sourcing offerings for the consumer and retail services industry include:

Capacity Building and Continuous Improvement: Decrease time and resources spent on addressing non-compliances and re-audits. UL’s continuous improvement programs include training, capacity building and remediation services to address the root causes of workplace issues and benefit all stakeholders in the value chain.

Environmental Responsibility: Advance sustainable business practices and improve corporate social responsibility through UL’s environmental responsibility auditing and testing services. UL is an official Contributor of the ZDHC program and supports the initiative’s vision of widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices to protect consumers, workers and the environment. Particular areas of concern that UL’s services address include:

  • Wastewater — onsite wastewater assessment and testing solutions based on Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) principles
  • Chemical usage and storage
  • Air emissions
  • Environmental health and safety

Extractives and Raw Materials Sourcing: Implement due diligence practices throughout the supply chain. UL’s raw materials traceability services trace product components, verify documentation of origin and trade and objectively confirm the source of raw materials. We also offer benchmarking and risk analysis, code-of-conduct development, training and education, monitoring and sourcing program management.

Risk Identification and Management: Confidently assess sourcing risks in new and existing supply chains. Working with a company’s sourcing department or directly with its suppliers, UL researchers gather and analyze supply chain information to develop risk matrices, reports, and actionable intelligence. We also conduct supply chain risk assessments, in the field or desktop-based, assessing risk by commodity or product type, geographic location, a client’s supply chain standards or other variables. 

Security and Brand Protection: Strengthen security across the global supply chain and protect brand equity. With a global footprint spanning more than 120 countries, UL has nearly immediate, in-person access to our customers’ worldwide supply chains. We help our customers maintain brand value, the reliability of their entire supply chain and their positive business relationships with their partners.

C-TPAT: Comply with supply chain security recommendations in accordance with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). UL provides monitoring and consultation services to companies that need to comply with C-TPAT. We also offer a range of advisory services to help customers develop a C-TPAT supply chain management program including Five-Step Risk Assessments, supplier training and remediation, the creation of best practices manuals and starter kits.

Social Responsibility and Accountability: Advance social responsibility and accountability within supply chains. UL offers facility audits and due diligence assessments, research and benchmarking, program development and consultation, code of conduct and audit tool services, and social compliance and human rights training. UL’s proprietary social audit protocols and tools are based on industry best practice, our experience with implementing leading brand and initiative programs, and our more than 20 years of experience in executing workplace assessments.