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Social Responsibility Audits

Make smart decisions while navigating complex global, social and environmental laws and standards. UL’s expert auditors provide actionable insight into regional, global and industry practices, policies and regulations. Services include Supply Chain Monitoring, Research and Benchmarking, Program Development and Management, and Continuous Improvement Assessments.

Factory Capabilities and Quality Audits

Gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a facility to gauge whether a supplier can deliver consistent quality now and in the future. Audits can be customized to address areas of specific concern.

Proactively mitigate the risks that can affect your business’ reputation and brand value.

Worker inspects factory to ensure quality standards

Capacity Building and Continuous Improvement Audits

Reveal and resolve challenges in areas such as training, policies, quality assurance, and human resources management.

Food Safety Audits

Promote best practices, correct potential hazards, and clearly communicate safety standards throughout the supply chain to reduce liability risks.

Customs–Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Supply Chain Security Audits

Identify and address regulatory concerns, enhance supplier performance and ward off gray market diversion and counterfeiting with UL’s supply chain audits.

Risk Identification and Management Audits

Proactively identify, access and mitigate risks associated with a product, a location or across an entire supply chain with UL’s risk identification and management audits.

Environmental Responsibility Audits

Identify sustainability risks within the supply chain and address gaps in adherence to best practices, standards and regulatory requirements.


Build quality assurance directly into the entire product manufacturing process with Pre-Production, Top of Product, In-Line, In Process and DUPRO (During Production Inspection), Pre-shipment, 100% Sort, Production Monitoring, and Loading Inspections.