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Location Vicenza, Italy
Date Sunday, January 22, 2017
Time 10:00 AM–12:00 PM



CIBJO EVENT — January 22nd, 2017
Seminar: “Defending the Integrity of Jewellery’s Supply Chain”

CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, represents the interests of all individuals, organizations and companies earning their livelihoods from jewelry, gemstones and precious metals. It is the oldest international organization in the jewelry sector, having originally been established in 1926.

Since years, CIBJO promotes responsible sourcing and ethic.

UL is a commercial member of CIBJO and will present several services for the jewelry industry at the Vicenzaoro January fair during the CIBJO event.

Please click here to read the official CIBJO Press Release for the event.

Date: January 22nd
Time: from 10am to 12pm
Event Room: Vicenza Convention Centre — Tiziano B (Hall 7.1)

Language:  English/Italian with simultaneous translation

Participation in this seminar is free of charge for visitors and exhibitors of the Vicenzaoro January fair.

UL Speakers During the CIBJO Event

Daphne Guelker 
Responsible Sourcing Program Manager of UL Consumer and Retail Services

Daphne is a qualified lawyer who leads law and international standards research efforts in support of UL’s social and environmental auditing services for over 100 countries. With her legal background and expertise in responsible sourcing laws and international standards, Daphne provides focused advisory services to clients, particularly in the areas of labor practices and human rights and raw materials traceability. She is also responsible for the development and execution of customized client research projects in the realm of responsible sourcing.

Francesca Angeloni 
Business Development Manager EU — Jewelry and Watches Industry of UL Consumer and Retail Services

Francesca Angeloni joined UL in 2016 and currently lead’s the UL Consumer and Retail Services Jewelry and Watch line of business for the European market. Francesca is responsible for the development of UL’s testing, inspection and responsible sourcing services relevant to Jewelry in the European market. It this role she establishes partnerships for UL with likeminded European jewelry trade associations, industries, organizations and clients committed to ethical business practices surrounding the sourcing and manufacturing of jewelry, and who align with UL’s global strategy and uphold UL’s principal values of consumer protection and leading the world in safety, science, and technology.





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