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On 31st Jan 2017, UL Consumer & Retail Services team organized a technical seminar in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. The seminar focused on Southern India textile market and how clients can leverage UL’s testing, inspection and audits and responsible sourcing solutions at our locations in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

Technical sessions by experts covered topics on CA Prop 65 and New OekO Tex requirements. ‘Our Solutions on RSL’ was the highlight of the seminar and was discussed in detail during interaction and Q&A session.

Seminar also included a session on responsible sourcing services with ‘Introduction on workplace compliance, new trends and changes’.

Over the years, UL has collaborated with various customers in the textile sector across India. In simple terms, UL helps customers identify and correct product vulnerabilities throughout their production process. The services are in line with the development cycle of the textile supply chain. Yet they are flexible and can meet customers’ specific requirements.


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