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Publication Date Wednesday, May 10, 2017



UL is pleased to announce the opening of our new Jewellery Centre of Excellence in the UK on June 1st, 2017.

From mines to manufacturers, wholesalers to retailers, UL offers a wide range of services for the global jewellery and precious metals industries. This new, state-of-the-art laboratory will be an expansion of  UL’s global jewellery, watch, precious metals and gemological services.  The Jewellery Centre of Excellence further expands UL’s global network of over 14,000 employees and 150 laboratories.

UL’s Global Testing, Inspection and Responsible Sourcing Services include:

  • Jewellery Regulatory compliance testing to international, federal and state regulations in addition to REACH, FTC and CPSIA testing. UL also performs nickel release, lead, cadmium and phthalates testing.
  • Precious metal content analysis
  • Fine jewellery and gemological verification programs
  • Quality, wear and performance testing
  • Responsible Sourcing Services such as consulting, advisory and auditing, including for the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), Fairmined and the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol (SRSP and D-SRSP).
  • Fine and Fashion Jewellery Product Quality Inspections and factory quality audits

Our global teams are comprised of seasoned jewelry industry professionals and UL safety scientists to help you deliver jewelry and watch products that consistently meet the highest levels of quality, safety, and social standards. From quality assurance and responsible sourcing, to product safety testing and global market access services, UL is the jewellery industry’s trusted partner.

More information about UL’s new Jewellery laboratory in the UK and its official opening ceremony will be available soon.

Address of the Reading Laboratory:


530535 Eskdale Road,

Reading RG41 5TS, UK

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