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Publication Date Tuesday, May 16, 2017



UL Retail & Brand Summit – “Tackling Supply Chain Challenges”, May 16th, London

In what was the first event of its kind to be staged in the UK, some of the country’s biggest retailers and brands descended upon London for a conference designed to put solving complex supply chain issues center stage. Hosted by UL Consumer & Retail Services and UL EHS Sustainability, representatives from top companies from Great Britain joined in the discussion at the day-long event, seeking best practice insight from the supply chain experts at UL.

The agenda included a wide range of topics, from managing complex global supplier networks, anti-bribery controls and optimizing social audits to chemical management, green services and compliance in the Jewelry industry.

As the throng of interested and engaged attending delegates attests, brands and retailers are increasingly aware of the risks and opportunities associated with their complex supply chains. Knowing what those risks are and understanding how they might be minimized is an important first step. As more and more companies are beginning to realize, effective supplier management and improved relations could be the difference between success and failure in the ever-competitive world of global retail commerce.

UL is uniquely positioned to help our customers mastering their individual challenges, offering a wide range of products and services to organizations looking to improve their supplier and audit management, mitigate operational risk, and drive overall business performance.

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